Dr. Amanda Gunning, Dr. Seema Rivera, and Dr. Sheila Borges Rajguru, are thrilled to announce the Northeast Association for Science Teacher Education (NE-ASTE) VIRTUAL Conference hosted by the Center for STEM Education, Mercy College on October 2, 2020.

Conference Theme

STEM Teaching and Learning in a Climate of Uncertainty and Unrest


Dr. Ana Fernandez-Sesma

Professor of Microbiology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Her group studies the modulation of innate immunity by viruses of human health interests, such as dengue (DENV), influenza (IAV), and others using primary human systems, such as dendritic cells, macrophages and tonsils. She currently participates in several multi-investigator projects that use OMICS technologies to study immune responses to viral infections.  She is also very committed to graduate education and mentoring. She has co-authored over 75 publications and is on the editorial board of several journals. She has participated in several study sections for the NIH, CDC and DoD and is currently a member of the NIH/NIAID/DMID Council.

Please email with any questions, comments, or concerns.