2019 Proposal Submissions

The deadline to submit a proposal has been EXTENDED to August 19, 2019!

Theme of the Conference: Reflecting on Diversity and Inclusion in the Recruitment and Retention of STEM Teachers

Please fill out the form below by August 19, 2019 to submit your proposed abstract and be considered to present at the NE-ASTE Conference. Decisions will be mailed out the week of September 1st.

The 2019 NE-ASTE program calls for us to reflect upon the importance of retention of STEM teachers keeping in mind issues of diversity and inclusion. Teachers and researchers alike are called upon to share research and practices that attempt to address our nations STEM teacher shortage in order to collectively come up with solutions.

Description of Presentation Types

  1. Traditional Paper Presentation
    • Usually a set of 3-4 papers grouped thematically
    • Each paper is 15 minutes in length with 5 additional minutes for Q&A
    • Often accompanied by a PowerPoint slide deck but not required
    • Either theoretical or results-based presentation
    • Presenters are the main speakers, standing among a sitting group of listeners
  2. Roundtable Presentation
    • 30 minutes in length
    • A small group of participants (6-10) sit alongside the presenters at a round table
    • The presenter provides a brief summary of their topic or research and poses questions, theories, and/or ideas to elicit a fruitful discussion from listeners
    • There is a balance of time spent speaking between presenters and participants
  3. Workshop
    • 60 minutes in length
    • Interactive, hands-on session
    • Presenter leads the session similarly to how one might lead a hands-on lesson
    • There is a variation of activities done as a whole group, in small groups, or individually
  4. Poster Presentation
    • 30 minutes in length 
    • All posters will be displayed at the Fireplace Lounge on the 4th floor of the Davis Center
    • Participants walk around the room and read the posters
    • Presenters stand by their posters and answer any questions/comments that participants might have